• Inspire, Create, Innovate

  • Our Vision

    To build the capacity for students to achieve personal excellence by developing their academic, social, emotional and creative potential.

  • Every child matters - everyday

  • Key Attributes of a Chelsea Primary School Graduate:

    Risk Taker, Independent Learner, Critical Thinker, Team Player, Persistent, Optimism, Self-advocacy, Organized, Reliable, Strong Character and Visionary.

  • Our Values


  • Equitable, evidence-based, best practice education for all

Recent News

Dyslexia Awareness

I am so proud of the work we are doing at CPS, which is now being recognised both locally and internationally.Taylor IrishPrincipal


Nessy post

From Nessy post on Facebook 3/12/19Great visit to Chelsea Primary yesterday! This school really rocks! They are MORE than "dyslexia aware". They are taking action!


Breaking news - Colour Fun Run

Amid a swirl of psychedelic colour, Tim Richardson launched our Colour Fun Run with our ‘top 20’ fundraisers last Friday. Friday 8th November is fast approaching, and we look forward to a fun filled community event from 4pm on the turf.