NAPLAN results

Please click the link to view our 2021 NAPLAN results. 
PowerPoint Presentation NAPLAN results - top 2 bands
PowerPoint Presentation Student Growth results

CPS sees our students working ahead of their of peers in most curriculum domains, building foundation skills, confidence and the knowledge for our students to confidently apply their learning in the real world and have excellent preparation for Secondary School. This enhances our students’ ability to take opportunities as they progress through their schooling and ultimately be life-long learners.

A quick glance at NAPLAN data shows CPS has increased its performance over time to be ahead of schools with similar students, including our network schools in some domains, displaying the importance of training excellent teachers to deliver a well-rounded curriculum to ensure no matter what the measure our students are taught well and will perform well on any assessment.

These results are a product of the outstanding teaching & learning approaches we have implemented over the past three years. 

We are so proud of our students, teachers and parent community for supporting our implementation of high-quality evidence-based instruction. 

Please view the teaching and learning tabs on our website to learn more about Chelsea Primary Schools instructional models.