Maintenance Blitz for Victorian Government Schools

Victorian state schools will undergo a ‘Maintenance Blitz’ to improve the condition of all schools so that students have safe and modern classrooms and facilities to learn in at their local school, thanks to a $515 million investment by the Victorian Government.


They are upgrading schools to ensure every student can attend a great local government primary, secondary or specialist school by carrying out proactive facility maintenance.


Schools will benefit from a $515 million investment in maintaining existing school infrastructure over the next five years, and $43 million invested on an ongoing basis to keep Victoria’s 1500 schools safe and modern.

This increased investment will enable principals to get on with the job of leading Victoria’s schools, by providing more funds to maintain the state’s 36,000 school buildings, while supporting schools to cater to the 115,000 additional students who are expected to enter the education system in the five years leading up to 2023.


What does this mean for Chelsea Primary school? – The VSBA will be providing the school with a detailed report on Friday 6th September - Schools will receive detailed letters and factsheets informing them of the funding they have received and what it is to be used for.


Tim Richardson, our local member of parliament, visited Chelsea PS yesterday. Tim informed me that Chelsea PS would be receiving funding to upgrade our toilets (new toilets) and to replace our fence along Glenola Road. I know the community will be extremely happy with this outcome and I thank the entire community for campaigning and supporting the school to make this happen.