In January 1912, a small school was established at Chelsea with 65 students, in Hoadley’s Hall, Main Road, Chelsea, Nepean Highway. Because of its oriental appearance, the local peopled called this hall “The Joss House”.




A new brick school was built in Argyle Avenue and officially opened on 27 January 1915.



During the world wide epidemic of influenza in 1919/20, the school was taken over for use as a hospital. The school children were transferred to the Congregational Church Hall.


A two story wing was built on to the school in 1921, and then another wing was added in 1927.



The School has had many changes over the past 8 years. In 2007, refurbishments to two classrooms in the main building created the Discovery Centre. The Discovery Centre was originally planned as a library and computer lab, but now housed our prep classes. In 2010, the Senior building was constructed, and in 2011, renovations to the second floor of the main building created the Bunjil Centre, a 2012 Winner in the Awards for Outstanding School Facilities. This award was presented by the Council of Educational Facility Planners International.



In 2012 we proudly celebrated 100 years of education at Chelsea PS. On 19th October, many past pupils and teachers attended our special centenary celebrations. The Chelsea and District Historical Society supported the school throughout the planning stages for the celebration and on the day.



The day began with a special assembly. Through a process of elimination we found the oldest member of our past students who attended school in the 1920’s. He made us all laugh with his stories about school. He joined the youngest student in our school in the cake cutting ceremony. The Mayor of the City of Kingston, Cr John Ronke, spoke about his association with Chelsea Primary School.


Our year 3/4 students performed a dance and students from the Korean Club performed a Sogo Drum dance. We all sang Happy Birthday to the school. During the day a number of tours were held for past pupils. One of the highlights of the day was the screening of a movie showing the opening of the school building in 2015.

Finally, as the sun set, the whole school community attended a bush dance on the school grounds. A history of the school written by Margaret Jacobs is available for sale from the Historical Society.

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