The Learning Journey

Junior School (Foundation, Year 1, Year 2) 
The junior school culture is characterised by celebrations of key milestones in learning. We celebrate friendship and teamwork. Students celebrate key milestones, such as the first 100 days. The teachers in this team have high levels of content knowledge in teaching mathematics, reading and writing. They have high-level skills in nurturing the development of a sense of team in the classroom. They will document the journey of student learning so that it is visible in the classroom. Students use digital technology to share their learning.


Middle School (Year 3, Year 4)

The culture of Middle school is characterised by supporting students to develop greater levels of independence. Students will undertake their first camp experience away from home. Students apply their literacy skills to undertaking research for problems associated with the “World in which we live Inquiry”. Students apply their mathematical skills to develop in-depth problem-solving skills. Technology is woven into the teaching and learning process.


Senior School (Year 5, Year 6)

The senior school culture is characterised by students being engaged in analysing issues; applying critical and creative thinking to complex problems; working collaboratively on inquiry and research investigations; accessing and evaluating information; applying technology effectively, and developing initiative and self-direction through authentic projects. The members of this professional learning team have a high level of knowledge in connecting and relating with pre-adolescents. They teach students how to transfer their skills in numeracy to solve real problems. Students write and read for specific and demanding audiences and purposes. Students integrate technology for real purpose-to research, share and collaborate. All students participate in a major musical production and in a range of sporting teams and student leadership projects.

Specialist Programs (Visual Arts, Music, STEM, Physical Education, Korean)
The specialist areas build the whole school culture. The visual arts foster a sense of thinking critically and creatively and develop creative ways of representing thinking. The Physical Education discipline builds a sense of being healthy, fit and active. The Korean subject fosters an understanding of Korean culture. The members of the professional learning team demonstrate a passion for their discipline area and a capacity to work with students across the school.


Victorian Government schools are supported by a system that sets state-wide standards in education. At the same time, schools are flexible in tailoring programs to meet the needs of students and the local community. To read more about this, please visit:

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