Languages – Korean

For Korean lessons, students will introduce our culture, food and sport to our Korean sister schools through web cam lessons. Students will practise to present bilingually using different tools such as Word, Power Point and posters.

Tae Kwon Do club on Tuesday lunchtime will start from week 2. We have awesome Tae Kwon Do students at our Chelsea Primary school. They will be performing their Tae Kwon Do skills on Korean Day next term. If you need forms, please ask the office.

It’s a great news! Korean Day is coming. It will be 31st of October, term 4. Students will practise their performance (K-pop, fan dance and mask dance) during this term 3. For our Korean Day, students from Korea Tae Kwon Do association will visit our school from Korea. We will do fun activities together. How exciting to meet Korean friends!

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