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Movement is a powerful medium for learning through which students can acquire, practise and refine personal, behavioural, social and cognitive skills. As part of the Victorian Curriculum, Chelsea Primary School provides a specialist PE program for all of its students from Foundation to Year 6.

Foundation Students
In PE, Foundation Students practise fundamental movement skills and movement sequences using different body parts in response to stimuli in different indoor, outdoor and aquatic settings. They learn how to move and play safely by following rules and using equipment correctly and also further develop personal and social skills when working with others in a range of activities. Foundation students participate in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for one term and also begin their Swimming and Water Safety Program, which will take them right through to Year 6.

Year 1 and 2
In Year 1 and 2, students continue to develop their fundamental motor skills and begin to apply them to small sided games where they develop their leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Students capitalise on the learning from Foundation Level and are further supported to make decisions to enhance their health, safety and participation in physical activity.

Year 3 and 4
In Year 3 and 4 students further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to their health, wellbeing, safety and participation in physical activity. They are introduced to the major sports through modified games and begin to participate in the House Sports including Cross Country and Athletics, and have the opportunity to represent CPS at District events.

Year 5 and 6
In Year 5 and 6 students further develop knowledge, understanding and skills to create opportunities and take action to enhance their own and others’ health, wellbeing, safety and physical activity participation. Students participate in a variety of major sports units, and learn the rules and tactics to apply in them. Year 5 and 6 participate in weekly Interschool Sport sessions and have the opportunity to compete at District competitions including Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and the Winter and Summer Lightning premierships.


As well as weekly PE lessons, the students at CPS are exposed to a wide variety of different sport incursions including, Sailing, AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby Union, Golf and Wheel Chair Basketball. The whole school is invited to take part in our Athletics Carnival and House Run events which are some of the best days on our school calendar, in addition to our Sports Captains running Funky Friday activities and frequent Staff vs. Year 6 student competitions.


We have another exciting Term of PE ahead of us with a curriculum that is jam packed and lots of sporting events to look forward to!

The first five weeks of term will see Foundation to Year 6 practising for our up-coming Chelsea PS Athletics Carnival, which will be held on Friday 16th August. This day will be a highlight and a first for many, so it will be important to have as much preparation as possible. During PE, students will be training and perfecting their technique in all throwing, jumping and running events they will take part in on the day. Students in year 3-6 will also gain the opportunity to compete at District level if they are the strongest competitor in any given event. If you are able to assist with our Athletics Carnival, can you please get in touch with Miss McDonald ASAP! The more helpers, the better the day will be!

We have gained another round of Sporting Schools funding so we have booked in for Hook In 2 Hockey clinics for later in the term for Foundation- Year 4. We also have an exciting impending arrival of a whole stack of new sporting equipment thanks to the Woolworths Earn and Learn Promotion. Thank you so much to everyone that contributed their stickers to help our school raise funds! We can’t wait to show off all of the new purchases that will not only enrich our great PE program, but be there for students to use at recess and lunch.

Term 3 2019 Overview

Foundation- Athletics, Ball Handling

1/2- Athletics, Ball Handling

3/4- Athletics, AFL

5/6- Athletics, SEPEP Soccer

Events 2019

  • 5/6 Weekly Interschool Sport- every Friday
  • Funky Friday Sports- every Friday
  • Divisional Netball- Thu 18th Jul
  • Girls Football- Fri 19th Jul
  • Golf Clinic 3-6- Thu 25th Jul
  •  CPS Athletics Carnival- Fri 16th Aug
  • District Athletics- Fri 30th Aug
  • Footy Colours Day / Staff vs. Year 6 football match- Fri 20th Sep

Looking forward to another fantastic term!

Go Chelsea!

Miss McDonald


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