Visual Art

The learning encompassed in the visual art program at Chelsea is based on the Victorian Curriculum and involves the dimensions 'Explore and Express Ideas', 'Visual Arts Practices', 'Present and Perform' and 'Respond and Interpret'.  These dimensions focus on ideas, skills, techniques, processes and presentations

At Chelsea Primary School we use the following areas of art to develop these skills; painting, printing, collage, construction, modelling, drawing, threads and textiles.  These may be introduced as individual projects or as part of a mixed media project.  Also being introduced is the use of the computer in graphic presentations.

These eight areas involve the children's imagination and allows for experimentation, planning and the application of skills, techniques and processes.  

At Chelsea Primary School the students explore the quality of art works, discuss the purpose of the works and the audience it was created for and develop art language to express their thoughts about art works.


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