Curriculum Days

Term 1 – Tuesday 28th January
Planning for 2020 school year
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Curriculum structure
  • SWPBS – Wellbeing program
  • Team planning
  • Assessment schedule
Term 2 - Friday 1st May - SWPBS (Wellbeing)
Staff professional development on School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Term 3 - Friday 28th AUgust - Sharing Best Practice
Showcase of practice of Chelsea PS - open to all teachers, aides, psychologist, speech pathologists & interested parents.

Key Note Speakers & Panel Focus
  • Systematic Synthetic Phonics : Whole school literacy improvement
  • Beyond phonics - Buidling quality readers and writers novice - skilled
  • Implementing EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) across Primary & Secondary settings
Workshop Focus
Four workshops will be run throughout the day - all participants will have the opportunity to participate in all workshops.
  • Connecting Systematic Synthetic Phonics and Morphology
  • Explicit Direction Instruction Lesson Structure
  • Maths Acquisition - a visual approach to mastery : From concrete to pictorial to abstract - Singapore Bar Model
  • The Power of Daily Reviews - Spaced and Interleaved Practice
Term 4 - Friday 20th November - Focus TBC