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18/05/2020 UPDATE


Following advice from the Victorian Government on Tuesday 12 May, some students will be returning to school from Tuesday 26 May.

The Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that it is safe for Victorian school students and teachers to return to on-site schooling in a two-staged approach:

  • Stage 1 – from Tuesday 26 May

Early years students (Prep to Grade 2) and senior secondary students (Year 11 and 12) undertaking the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), and all specialist school students will return to on-site schooling. All staff will attend on-site. 


  • Stage 2 - from Tuesday 9 June

Grade 3 to Year 10 students will return to on-site schooling, subject to health advice.

The Department’s latest advice on can be found at



20th April 2020

Dear Chelsea Families,
Good morning and welcome to Week two of Remote-Learning.

It was wonderful last week to see and hear about some of the creative and fun approaches to learning from home that our students have been undertaking.  We know it is not easy - like many of you, some of our teachers are working through the challenge of working from home while supporting their own children.  Thank you for recognising how important this approach is in keeping us all safe.
I would like to reiterate that the team at CPS are here to support you.  Our staff are endervouring to make contact with every family to check in.  During these conversations and other contacts between home and school, a few common questions have been raised:
How can I teach my children and do my job?
You can't. Our teachers who have school-aged children are also trying to strike this balance, and we recognise that it is not easy.   The most important thing to remember is that parents are not teachers and we are not expecting you to teach your children.  You have a very important role to play: supporting and loving your children through this crisis. We at Chelsea are exploring different platforms to support and help you as much as possible.
This week we will share with you some ideas and resources that have worked for families around the world who have been on similar 'stay at home' orders for far longer than we have been. In the meantime, here are some things to remember:

  • Your child WILL NOT be disadvantaged by a period of learning from home.  On Friday, the ABC published an article about what happened with student learning when our neighbours in Christchurch had to close schools following the major earthquakes.  It is well worth a read: Does missing a term during COVID-19 really matter?   At CPS, we have GREAT teachers and staff. When this is all over, we will apply our individual and collective professional skills and knowledge to ensure that students at CPS are not disadvantaged by this period of learning from home.
  • Teachers are aiming to set work that can be completed independently.  If this is not your child's experience, please contact the classroom teacher. We are still working, just remotely.
  • Encourage your child to contact classmates and teachers through Google Classroom to ask for help or to work together on a task.
  • Learning from home will need to look different in each home since every family has different resources. Our staff are all available to support you to establish routines that will work for you and your family.
  • Teachers will post to Google Classroom between 2 and 3 hours of school work daily; however, as every child is different, some children will race through this work and others will take more time.  This is OK.  Students will share completed work with their teachers as requested.  It may be that in your family, all uploading of work occurs in the evening when you would normally be doing 'homework.'
  • Teachers will provide feedback to students on the quality of their work - you should not feel like you need to do this.  As is the case during normal times, you should always feel that you can contact our staff with concerns about your child's learning. 
  • If things are just not working one day or even for a few days, that is OK.  Encourage your child to spend some time pursuing their own hobbies and creative pursuits at home - e.g. lego, making movies, reading, puzzles, drawing, writing poetry, sending letters to family members or friends.  This is still learning.  In fact, if your family and your child can manage the following each day, that will be more than enough:
    • READ something (or be read to: audio-books are great for all ages)
    • WRITE something (for very early writers, drawing IS a form of writing)
    • Do something CREATIVE
    • Do some PROBLEM SOLVING (cooking, card games, puzzles, lego, other games - all of these involve the use of mathematics and/or science skills)

Please see here a link to the new ABC ME website which are the educational programs being launched on the ABC to support remote learning.
In addition, The Learning from Home page on FUSE now includes a set of 15 self-directed learning activities to sit alongside programs on next week’s ABC Me schedule the resources are designed for primary school students, and include activities for English, Mathematics, Science and Geography. These activities provide another learning from home option for families.
The activities are available here: These will be produced on a weekly basis.
Why can't my child just come to school?
The Victorian Premier, on the advice of Victoria's Chief Health Officer, has stated that everyone is to stay at home if possible, including children, and there are very good reasons for this.  The Department of Education (DET) has advised Principals that schools are to have few if any children on-site; they have further advised that it is the role of the Principal to ensure that each family who has children on site does not have family members working from home or studying from home or otherwise available to supervise children at home (or in the home of another relative or carer).
I know this is incredibly difficult for so many of our families and I thank you in advance for helping to keep Chelsea PS and Victorian families safe at this time.
One of the best explanations about why it is so important for children to stay home with their families wherever possible is found in this BBC article, Why children are not immune to COVID-19.  Roughly half-way through this article, there is an important section about community transmission through children who may be showing mild or no symptoms but may still have COVID-19.
What should I do if we have issues with the online platforms or with our technology?
If the issue is around accessing or using Google Classroom, please contact your child's classroom teacher, preferably using Class Do Jo or COMPASS email.  They will work through this with your child and with you.
Once again, thank you for your support and feedback at this time.  I'm sure like me you have heard this sentiment enough, but we truly are all in this together.  We would all prefer to be learning at school.  That is the easiest and most effective way to learn.  Our success in stopping community transmission to the point that we can transition back to learning at school depends almost entirely on our ability to support one another to stay home where-ever possible.
Kind regards,

Dear Chelsea Families,

As you are likely aware our Premier Daniel Andrews joined James Merlino, Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training – COVID-19, to announce that following advice from the Chief Health Officer all Victorian government primary, secondary and special schools will move to remote and flexible learning and teaching in Term 2.


Most Victorian students will be educated from home next week to continue the community’s efforts with physical distancing and helping to slow the spread of Coronavirus; with free internet access and laptops for those students who need it most.


As we act to slow the spread of Coronavirus, the message to students and parents of government schools is clear: all children who can learn at home MUST learn from home – with exceptions only in extremely limited circumstances. On-site learning will only be available for children whose parents can't work from home and vulnerable students without access to a suitable learning environment at home. Victorian government schools will recommence on Tuesday, April 14, with a pupil-free day, and students to begin classes on Wednesday, April 15. These new arrangements will remain in place for the duration of Term 2 and will then be reviewed.


As Term 2 approaches, I will continue to provide families with information regarding remote learning. I wish to recognize the challenging times we are all facing and acknowledge social isolation may have raised new anxieties and created different stressors within our home lives. This builds resilience and our ability to role model this acceptance of change for our children is vital. What an opportunity for our children to grow and learn such an important life lesson. Try to reframe your thinking as a parent.


Every day consciously and unconsciously, we are trying to make sense of the world. How and why events occur and how these events are influenced by the decisions we make. The way we as humans have learned to do this is by thinking in linear terms. We prefer a structured approach with predictability and consistency. We like to see things in a sequential format such as A, followed by B and followed by C. We also get attached to what we have habitually become accustomed and so it unsettles us when those items are not available in the supermarket or if we have to change the way that we go about our everyday business.


However, the reality is that our modern world operates in a non-linear format. We are living in a complex world. The Coronavirus is an example of a random event that is forcing us to uncouple our linear thinking and come up with solutions that will work in a complex world. To navigate our decision making and to help us navigate an ever increasingly complex world, we need to accept that there are multiple solutions to a problem.


For many, the next few weeks and months could be the toughest thing you may ever have to do, from working from home and supporting your child/children's learning. I am confident that our schools' connectedness and support will get us through these tough times. Our experiences and challenges might look different; however, we will all endure hardship and difficulty during this time. Be kind to yourself, take a deep breath, be prepared for the challenge but also be open to what it can teach you.



We hope that all members of our Chelsea primary school community can continue to feel connected throughout the remote learning period. A significant focus of our school day will be on keeping students and teachers connected. A key ingredient to this staying connected will be the several methods of communication to our students and families that we will offer. These may take the form of email, phone calls, and conferencing, dojo and compass messages. We will be asking Chelsea families for feedback so that we can understand the individual needs and support you and your family requirements.


The curriculum content included in remote learning will develop and become more sophisticated over time. It will look and feel different from traditional education. It will take longer to complete online than in a classroom. The learning will be flexible and offer a choice for students. However once upon a time you also couldn’t use your iphone and now you can’t imagine life without it! Access to information is at our fingertips, our ability to cope with the change and lead the way for our community is what builds character. Let’s focus on kindness, compassion and community. Let’s bring the best of ourselves to this.

“Every Child Matters, Every day”.


The start of Term 2 begins on Wednesday, April 15.

Update - 27/3/2020

Please refer to links for current information:

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Dear Chelsea Families,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the consent updates and messages. This is essential information, and I'm mindful we are providing clear and precise information to all of our families.


Schools throughout the State of Victoria will be closed from Tuesday, March 24 and school holidays for students will begin tomorrow at 3:30 pm. We will be provided with more information tomorrow regarding staff expectations at this time.


The School will be open as usual on Monday, and as more details come in tomorrow morning, I will keep the community updated. For those of our families who are already practising social isolation and as part of our commitment to providing remote learning opportunities, our home learning resources and plans are available on our school website.

Please refer to our School's website and follow the link to in the Learning from Home Resource section for some remote learning tasks that you and your child/children can access.


Not all learning tasks will be assessed. However, teachers can provide some feedback via our class dojo app. As well as the learning created by our teaching staff, there are other opportunities to explore the curriculum at the Department of education and Training FUSE website.

As remote learning becomes progressively probable, the DET have offered some advice, tips and resources to help parents and carers support their child's continuity of learning from home that is outlined in the link below


The remote learning we can provide right now will no doubt develop and become more sophisticated as time goes on, as will the way that we delivery this teaching to our students. This is uncharted territory for teaching and learning, so trial and error will be part of this journey. The wellbeing of our students remains vital, and we are trying to ensure that we have the right balance between academic learning and social/emotional develop. These are undoubtedly uncertain times, and we will continue to support our students and families in every way possible, if you need support, please don't hesitate to make contact with the School.


Let's practise social-distancing tomorrow to the best of our ability: no parent meetings or groupings where possible, 1.5 meters distance between people. No parent-teacher meetings scheduled.

I want to wish all our Chelsea families the best, please take care of your love ones, touch base with your friends, and be kind to all. Stay safe and strong together.