Schools, teachers and parents: building strong relationships

We have created this page to continue to build that close partnership with our families.

  • When parents and teachers have strong relationships, children get many academic and social benefits.
  • Being involved with school helps you to build strong relationships with teachers and other staff.
  • Build relationships at primary school by helping in the classroom, going on excursions, and volunteering for different extracurricular events and fundraisers. 
Benefits of a strong parent-school relationship

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else does. Your child’s teachers will want to get to know your child too.

When everybody is working together in the best interests of your child, your child is likely to reap academic and social benefits, like:

  • regular school attendance
  • positive school results
  • a positive attitude towards school
  • good social and relationship skills
  • a sense of wellbeing
  • school completion
  • progression to post-secondary education like TAFE, university or an apprenticeship.

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