Foundation Early Literacy Assessment

At Chelsea Primary School we conduct the FELA assessment, which is a direct assessment that is administered individually with pre-Prep children. It is part of the important partnership between parents and the school, providing information to encourage a positive transition.

The evaluation enables us to assess developmental strengths and readiness for learning at school and to identify any areas where children may benefit from additional learning experiences. Results assist us with the monitoring of learning gains during the first years of school.


Parents receive a full report of their child’s results.

FELA stands for Foundation Early Literacy Assessment, a program that has been used by educators around the world to assess a child’s readiness for reading and to provide both teachers and parents with empirical evidence about a child’s preparedness for reading.

Learning to read is a critical challenge in the early years of primary school (F-Grade 3).  Children must learn to read before they can read to learn. The necessary reading skills are many years in the making, starting well and truly before a child starts school.


Regarding our pre-prep assessment (Foundation Early Literacy Assessment), our prep teachers can attend kindergartens to administer this assessment individually.


We will make contact with each family to organise this assessment for late November/December.